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Proactive managed security services; companies that have our suite of security services are at a much lower risk of needing emergency reactive services.

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• Real-time cyber threat signals from across a global customer community with patented AI pattern recognition assist of Cyber Analyst to respond quickly to threats. 15 minutes SLA for high risk direction.

• Catalyst’s Cyber Analysts deploy and maintain the endpoint agents and respond to low and medium level detections, while our partners monitor 24/7 and responds to high risk incidents.

• Managed Risk Services including annual risk analysis
• Consistent Security Hardening, Reduce attack surface exposure, improve user resilience, test and harden security posture
• In the event of a breach, we can bring all resources together to manage a cyber crisis: Digital Forensics, Disaster Recovery Services, Ransomware
negotiations, Regulatory compliance

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When a disaster strikes, we bring all the resources to bear required to react with industry leading speed and efficacy:

We manage all the teams to ensure total coordination to minimize disruption and risk
• Incident Response
• Forensics
• Litigation
• Ransomware negotiations
• Disaster Recovery and Systems Restoration

4-hour remote threat suppression, On Demand 24/7 as a retainer offering.

Rapid Deployment
• 4 Hours Remote SLA w/retainer
• Elite Tool Sets
• On site incident responders within 24 hours
• We provide incident management through entire response life-cycle

Containment and Analysis
• Managed Containment
• Asset handling and change of custody support
• Eradication support identifying exploited vulnerabilities and remediation of affected systems
• Confirmation to ensure network is secured and persistent measures eliminated before system

Determination of Extent
• Regulatory Compliance
• Litigation Support
• Evidence Preservation
• Detailed findings and executive report

Immediate access to experts on
demand incident response and forensics to gain rapid control when a breach occurs.

Our suite of security services minimizes threats proactively with teams available for reactive emergency incident response.

Emergency Incident Response
• Rapid mobilization and deployment aimed at quickly securing your systems and networks
• End to End Incident Management
• Managed Containment
• Digital Forensic Analysis collecting as much information and insight as possible from your systems and networks
• Regression analysis to conclusively determine the full extent of compromised assets and determine root cause
• Incident Recovery
• Determination of Extent
• Stakeholder Reporting
• Compliance support to meet regulatory requirements with centralized collection, retention and reports of log, network and endpoint data
• Litigation Support, as required
• Crisis Communication Support

Coordinating all available resources minimizes exposure, allows for quicker recovery and lowers future risk.

Future Prevention:
Managed Security Services substantially minimizes risks along with our disaster recovery services
ensures your data can be restored when needed most.

24/7 Monitoring
Network, Endpoints, logging, cloud, vulnerabilities

EDR with next gen AV, process whitelisting, MFA, Email Security, MS 365

Our managed air-gapped immutable backup services ensure integrity of data, even though a
ransomware attack; substantially lowering risk of ever having to pay a ransom to a malicious actor.

Incidence Response: Text
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